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Webinar: Empowering MSMEs With Easy Steel Procurement Online

Join us for an exclusive webinar aimed at transforming the way Indian MSMEs approach steel procurement. Discover innovative solutions, expert insights, and actionable strategies to empower your business and drive sustainable growth.

About the Webinar:

Date: September 22, 2023

Time: 11.30 AM – 1.00 PM

Platform: WebEx Platform

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As India’s MSME sector continues to play a pivotal role in driving the economy, seizing these opportunities can be a game-changer. Speed, transparency, and efficiency are paramount, it’s time for MSMEs to embrace the future of business that is digitally enabled, strategically financed, and primed for success with TATA Steel.

Introducing DigEca – Tata Steel’s innovative platform that offers an unparalleled experience in steel procurement, making the process easier, more organized, and more customer-centric than ever before.

TATA Steel’s foray into the digital realm has birthed an innovative solution called DigEca – Digital Easy to Buy and Explore. This platform revolutionizes steel procurement for SMEs by bringing together stakeholders onto a unified platform. This not only fosters convenience but also heightens transparency, thereby enhancing the overall procurement experience.

Advantages of Partnering with TATA Steel

Partnering with TATA Steel not only simplifies steel procurement but also empowers SMEs with the financial backing required to thrive. By leveraging the convenience of online procurement and capitalizing on TATA Steel’s attractive loans, SMEs can set themselves on a trajectory of sustainable growth and success.

Unveiling DigEca: Your Pathway to Efficient Steel Procurement

DigEca, short for Digital Easy to Buy and Explore, is a groundbreaking digital platform designed to cater to the needs of Emerging Commercial Applications (ECAs). It brings all stakeholders together on a single platform, ensuring greater convenience, transparency, and collaboration. Whether you’re an established business or an emerging SME, DigEca is engineered to streamline and enhance your steel procurement journey.

A Glimpse into Tata Steel’s Global Influence

Tata Steel, one of the world’s largest steel companies, commands a production capacity of approximately 27.5 million tonnes per annum. With operations spanning across India, Europe, and South East Asia, Tata Steel has established a significant presence in the global steel industry. The company’s manufacturing units in 26 countries and commercial activities in over 50 countries attest to its international prominence.

Empowering SMEs with Organized Business Management

One of the standout features of DigEca is its ability to provide an organized way of conducting business. It offers tools for managing purchase orders, tracking enquiries, and generating comprehensive reports. This functionality ensures that all vital information is stored in a centralized repository, simplifying access and fostering efficient decision-making.

Seamless Enquiry Management

DigEca offers a suite of tools for efficient enquiry management:

My Enquiries: View both recent and past enquiries for future negotiations, all within the portal.

Negotiations: Track ongoing and past negotiations, enhancing the discussion process.

My Orders: Monitor previous and live orders, gaining insights into the stages of order delivery.

Price Trends: Stay informed about recent and past enquiries to inform future negotiations.

Comment & Assign: Facilitates seamless communication and task allocation within the platform.

Empowering Payments and Transactions

The payment landscape is equally transformed by DigEca:

Wallet: Create a Wallet for hassle-free payments, cashbacks, attractive offers, and referral points.

URJA Credit: Experience quicker and more convenient payments with the URJA Credit System.

Net Banking & Cards: Facilitate faster checkout using net banking or bank cards.

Embrace the Future: Get Started with DigEca

In a world that demands efficiency, agility, and innovation, DigEca paves the way for steel procurement excellence. With categories spanning from Hot Rolled and Cold Rolled to Coated steel, DigEca offers an extensive array of products for various applications, including Furniture, Appliances, Solar, Projects/Fabrication, and more.

Explore Tata Steel’s expansive range of products through DigEca’s intuitive interface. Say goodbye to the complexities of traditional procurement and embrace a new era of efficiency, transparency, and collaboration. Get started with DigEca today and experience a seamless steel procurement journey like never before.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your steel procurement strategy and empower your MSME.

We help Indian MSMEs transform their business, unlock true potential, incorporate efficient work practices, scale faster and accelerate their growth.

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